Upcoming Retreats:

Vajrasattva Retreat
with The Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi

December 19, 2020  9AM PT/ 12PM ET

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Vajrasattva occupies a central role in the pantheon of Buddhist deities. Commonly associated with purification practices, the sadhana of Vajrasattva should not be simply understood as a “cleansing” practice. Vajrasattva Sadhana has been the main practice of many accomplished masters both male and female. Teachings will be based on 100-Syllable Vajrasattva Mantra. Each three hour retreat in CyberSpace will include prayer and meditation sessions. There will be a brief Q & A opportunity at the end of the session.

Suggested Donation: $45 
Any additional dana or donation for the teacher is encouraged and appreciated.

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This retreat will be held online over Zoom. Online registration is encouraged by using a valid credit card or PayPal. Limited scholarships are available for retreats, please inquire by sending an email.

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CyberDharma Teachings:

Acharya Shantideva’s Guide to Bodhisattva’s Way of Life 


December 13 

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Suggested Donation: $20 per session

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Recent Past Teachings:

Lojong: Thought and Mind Transformation
Sutra of Remembering the Sublime Three Jewels

Special Practice Sessions:

Sadhana of Thousand Arm Avalokiteshvara


This sadhana or practice session is for committed students of Buddhadharma who have received the corresponding initiation/ empowerment from a qualified teacher. We hope that practitioners will use this opportunity to both familiarize and stabilize their practice. Click here for sadhana text.

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Special Events: 

Zen & Wellbeing
December 3| 2:30PM PT/ 5:30PM ET

Conversations with Rev. Takafumi Kawakami, Vice-Abbot, Shunkou-in (Myoshin-ji, Kyoto) and The Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi

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Q & A Session
with The Venerable
Tenzin Priyadarshi

December 6, 9AM PT/ 12PM ET

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Online Practice Sessions:

30 Minutes of Calm

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Thursdays 2PM-2:30PM PT/ 5PM-5:30PM ET

December 3

(Schedule subjected to change)

Tara Mantra Recitation Session


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Etiquette for Virtual Gatherings, CyberDharma and on-line Retreats 

  • Join the session a few minutes prior to the actual start time.
  • Be sure that your computer is connected to the network and have the login information available.
  • When using video be sure that camera is at a proper angle. Or else choose not to transmit video.
  • Whether you are using computer audio or a phone line, mute yourself unless you have to say something or it is a Q&A session. After you’ve asked your question turn the phone to mute.
  • Do not pace around or talk to your pets or yourself while having the audio and video on. 
  • When using phone line only be sure you are at a quiet spot. If you are by yourself, please use a headset.
  • Prayer-books and texts are generally circulated in advance.

Virtual Meditation Sessions

  • Join the session a few minutes prior to the actual start time.
  • Find a quiet and comfortable place to Join in/ call in from.
  • Meditation sessions are generally silent unless it is a guided meditation
  • No Q&A unless the instructor has suggested as such