Bodhimarga thrives with the help of everyone who assists with the ongoing activities of our sangha.  We welcome your involvement because our sangha-at-large is strengthened by the thoughtful engagement of everyone who actively participates in study, teachings, retreats, or working directly with our leadership team and committees.

We are dedicated to the study of Buddhadharma, and endeavor to carry out our operations in alignment with the teachings. By facilitating teachings and retreats, we create the causes and conditions to serve and do good work in our larger community.

Please volunteer!  There are plenty of opportunities to serve, through joining one of our many committees or providing occasional assistance during a retreat.  Our committees include: Retreat Organization, Public Communications, Social Media Management, Donor Relations, Technology, Finance, Programming, Study Circle Hosts, and others.  Volunteers are crucial to our operations and mission, and the possibilities are endless.  If you have a talent or interest you’d like to contribute, please email us: info@bodhimarga.org