Leadership & Committees


Bodhimarga has an all volunteer Leadership Team and operates with the help of many individuals around the US who work together on Public Communications, Donor Relations and Development, Social Media, Finance and Retreat Coordinating.  Volunteers provide critical service to our operations and mission, and we welcome your involvement, too!  Our volunteers ensure that the business, affairs and activities of Bodhimarga are managed and supervised under the guidance of our spiritual director, Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi.  


Current Board of Directors: 

Sue Irwin (CA), Deb Whitman (CO),  Ben Gaylord (CO) 



Finance:  Davide Zaccagnini (MA) – Treasurer    Deb Whitman (CO) – Bookkeeping 

Public Communications :  Susan Mackin Dolan (CO)   Linda Krause (MA) 

Retreat Coordination:  Susie Koesterer (CA)  Ben Gaylord & Susan Mackin Dolan (CO)  


Legal & Bylaws 

Bodhimarga is a 501(c)(3) Colorado nonprofit corporation.  Please request a copy of our bylaws for detailed information about our organization.